Convert ESRI to GeoJSON so you have some data in SDE and want to use it on the internet _let's just use ArcGIS online..._ said nobody you want to use it in ![tilemill]( or ![leaflet]( And you like having fieldnames longer then 8 charicters I'll just convert to geojson, it's similar right? ![differences]( ESRI has 4 geometry types point multipoint polyline polygon GeoJSON has those but calls them Point, MultiPoint, LineString, and Polygon GeoJSON also has MultiLineString, MultiPolygon, and GeometryCollection ESRI a geometry type for the feature class and all features to have that or null GeoJSON requires it to be anything except null So I wrote an arcpy script to automate the export and then got distracted after finishing 95% But then ![Michael Byrne]( Byrnes started his Now I MUST finish mine and/or merge our efforts anywho back to the point that 5% I had left to solve _inner rings_ GeoJSON has an array with the first feature being the outer and the rest being the inner rings ESRI has a bunch of points, some of them are null you have to check the existence of eveyr point ![what inner rings think of you]( ESRI requires first and last point of a polygon to be the same i.e. repeat point _SO DOES GEOJSON FTW!!!1_ ESRI allows polygones with a total of less then 4 points NO SANE FRAMEWORK DOES THIS! it also allows lines with only one point which means you have polygons that could be lines or points and lines that could be points and while were at it, ESRI allows multi points with only one point and makes no distinction between multi and regular for line and poly but some parts of a single multipoly could be a line and some a point and some a poly _solution_ waterfall model parsePolygone either returns geo or calls parseLinestring etc with line->point fallback to next type and if a multi and mixed _GeometryCollection FTW_ of course going backwards ![geojson to esri]( Fun_ _fin_ []( []( []( [@cwmma](